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medQuizz is an e-assessment management system that enables trainers, educators and testing professionals to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. It has the ability to work in a SaaS environment, the system is fully scalable. It has built in features to make it fail tolerant, has a small communication footprint and uses secure cryptography. The operation manager system works in all major web browsers and all software packages/versions are distributed with native clients for Windows and Mac OS X.

Sass and Less support

Collaborative authoring

People are connected, working collaboratively in complex tasks with different roles. Email sharing! Excel files! These are things from the past.

Responsive across devices

Security issues

High-stakes assessment is serious business. If you do not know its flaws e-assessment can be very unsecure.


Statistical analysis

Big data is hard to grasp without appropriate statistical support.

Best Features

What makes this tool unique


Features are turned on and off according to the users’ permissions.

Item Bank

Access items through a data bank where you can search, edit, review and finalize.


Automatic reports are easy to read and detailed. Download raw data to do your own analysis and research.


Review students' answers and challenges to items and discuss them with your peers.


Global society is growing fast and without boundaries. Work partners are all around the world, with different cultures and different roles.


Our team of dedicated specialists has an exemplary record of best service practices.

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Assessment made simple

Assessment is an essential part of the formative and licensing process.

    Just create your questions for revision.


    Pick the desired questions or just create a blue print for the system.


    One second after you finish the exam, the reports become ready to analyze.

Item bank. It'll blow your mind.

Create your own items and categorize them according to tags, content, curricular area, skills and difficulty. The system helps you by suggesting tags and preventing errors like duplicate choices. Duplicate items or put them in a graveyard, access statistics and bulk upload items through files.

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Statistics, the easy way. See for yourself.

Automatic reports that are generated are easy to read and detailed. Download raw data to do your own analysis and research. Psychometrics has just become easy to understand.

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Blueprint. Checkmate.

Create your assessments using manual selection or by creating blueprints.

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